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DogHouse ArtHouse was unoffically founded in 1999. In September 2022 we became a non-profit 501c3, we depend 100% on donations and receive no help from the City, County or State. Our goal is to heal the dogs in our care, place them in loving homes and educate people about the importance of spaying and neutering. Every animal deserves a safe and loving place to call home. 

Patricia Compton is a Goliad, TX artist and the founder of DogHouse ArtHouse, animal rescue and art studio. Patricia says her painting career “went to the dogs" when she picked up her first abandoned dog off the steps of the Presidio La Bahia in Goliad. Patricia's love and compassion for the underdog turned into 25 years of rescues, rehabilitations and the rehoming of hundreds of puppies and dogs into loving homes. 


With the help of her friends and supporters in the rescue community, Patricia is determined to get something built in Goliad “reflective of art, dogs, rescue and education on both subjects.” 

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