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This is our place to show off an individual dogs and tell you their full story. Each one of them deserves the best in life. Please share. 

Sweet Nettie

Meet Nettie

I’m named after one of Foster Mom’s friend’s favorite Aunties. But I’m more of a Mommy than an Auntie in my heart. I’m spayed now but the humans think I was used as a breeding machine for the first 8 years of my life.

I’m a HAPPY, talkative, gentle soul. I love to chat back to Foster Mom in only that way that people furmiliar with the German Shepherd vernacular will understand. Grumble, Bork, bark means, hey gimme some rubs! But boark, woof, grrrrrufff means, open that treat package.

I took a little while to transition and preferred to observe the canine crowd before jumping in. But after I settled, I joined in and get along with all sorts of dogs.

My shelter name was Diamond and I’m definitely a diamond in the ruff as they say. I am no longer a puppy making machine, now I just get to be a regular single lady, maybe I will take up goat yoga or bird watching with all the new time I will have on my hands….er…paws.


Nettie- spayed female, 8 years, large, German Shepherd (appears purebred but we don’t know for sure), black/tan, sweet, happy, gentle, chatty, potty and crate trained, good with dogs, really a good dog for anyone that loves GSDs and is familiar with the sensitivity and needs of this loyal breed

Adopt Me

I love to chat back to Foster Mom.

I’m a HAPPY, talkative, gentle soul.

Nettie is a lovable and intelligent GSD.

My shelter name was Diamond and I’m definitely a diamond in the ruff as they say.

Let’s get this pretty girl adopted.

Nettie is coming out of her shell.

The video was taken in January.


"My beautiful, soulful Nettie. You are my first priority starting NOW. I think I figured out a way to give you a spacious place to feel safe and secure and get you out of that igloo and kennel you hide in for fear of other dogs. You are not a pack dog. And your elbows are red from staying in that igloo hiding for all this time.

So tomorrow I’m gonna build a fence with torn down crates and attach to the old chicken coop where you will have your own space big Mama!  And then we’ll concentrate on getting you your very own home. You are such a majestic dog."


Love, Foster Mom

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