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This is so beautifully written by new adoptive parents, about a dog named Rio that we pulled out of the Beeville, Texas shelter. 

Thank you so much Calli & Dale for such big hearts.

PSA to anyone questioning why Dale and I adopted another dog. ***This is not meant to criticize or blast, but to inform and open some minds.***

Why have children? Why go on vacations? Why eat at a restaurant for dinner instead of cooking at home? Why go to the zoo? Why take days off of work? Why take dance classes? Why buy another motorcycle? Why go to the beach? Why eat a funnel cake at a county fair?

*Why do anything at all?*

I'm going to evaluate the bright side of this situation, and look at Dale and myself as humans. I ask myself this...What does adopting another dog mean for us?

We adopted another dog because we are dog people. We adopted another dog because we believe in rescue. We adopted another dog because we have big hearts, and our hearts are growing every day. We adopted another dog because at the end of the day, we saved him. Little does he know, he saved us too!

Rio's departure from TX also opens a spot up for another dog to be saved. This may only be a chapter in our lives, but this is his whole life. He deserves to live comfortably and happy, as do all of us.

All in all, we adopted another dog because WE CAN. Just like anyone (hopefully) can do any of the above because they want to. Have a blessed day. 


Calli Nicole Milligan

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